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CUL Dental Vision Hearing Plan #1 PPO Dental/Vision/Hearing Combo Plan Ameritas  Life Dental   For Emergencies 
Manhattan Life's Dental Vision HearingManhattan Life's Dental Vision Hearing Plan

Manhattan Life's D/V/H Plan

Ameritas Dental Vision Plan
Ameritas Dental (+Vision) Plans
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"Comprehensive" PPO Dental/Vision/Hearing combination plan grows progressively stronger as you go!  It ends up paying 80% on all services (starts off @ 60% day one). 

Choose between two levels  of coverage: $1,000 and $1,500; it covers all areas and pays 70% on Major Dental Services after a One Year waiting period!

**Dental, Vision, and Hearing won't be your problem if you enroll and keep this plan     Other Dental plans
Outline of Benefits

PPO Dental plan works best for those who need Major Dental Services right away with No Waiting Period.... Vision can be added. 

** If possible to wait,
Plan #1 Manhattan covers Major Dental Services @ 70% after 1 year...and then 80% after 2 years!
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Stand-Alone PPO Dental and/or Vision Plans

PPO Dental Plans including "Preventative Services" Dental plans (i.e. Cleanings covered @ 100% day one) and other "Comprehensive" Dental Plans.  List of Vision Only Plans.

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